KwaZulu-Natal calls

Kevin is now in Amsterdam, and leaves for Luneberg on the border of KwaZulu-Natal tomorrow, day 10. Two provinces down, 3 more to go. Amsterdam was established in 1866, and was called Roburnia, after Robert Burns, the Scottish poet, according to Wikipedia. But that wily old Boer, president Paul Kruger, ordered that the name be changed to Amsterdam in 1882. But Burns has had his way in Amsterdam, after all РKevin is staying in the Robert Burns Inn, where he has found welcome hospitality, a hearty meal and comfortable bed in the town.

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The zone

Mankele, Sudwala, 700km: “It’s been a lovely stretch – a terrific sequence of vast mountains which fits together. I am in the zone.”

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Sheer luxury

Wednesday,10pm, Crystal Springs: Kevin: “It’s been utterly remarkable, a very intense experience, an endorphin high, living by your wits. Always someone in the background looking after you.”

“A bath – sheer luxury!”

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Weather forecast for Nelspruit (near the route) for Thursday: 27C, sunny skies, some serious cycling to do. Elton and 2 friends join Kevin at Misty Mountain, to cycle with him for 2 days.

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Two maps

Here are the maps on the back windows of the headquarters of the Ganna in Joburg. On the first, he is one window pane down, six panes to go. On the other, he is a 12th of the way.


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Hello, Crystal Springs!

Day 6, 8.15pm: just arrived in Crystal Springs, near Pilgrim’s Rest, where he can shower, wash clothes, sleep in a bed, and feel human again. A 14-hour day, but a satisfying 125km under the belt. Now in Mpumalanga and heading towards Sudwala and Kaapsehoop tomorrow. 500km down, another 3 500km to go!

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On to Crystal Springs

Day 6, 8am: Pushing his way through impenetrable bush yesterday, Kevin lost his GPS and a tarpaulin, and finished the day without water. But still managed to do 70km. He is now about to cross the Steelpoort River, and is hoping to make Crystal Springs today.

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