Welcome to Ganna – The Great Ride, the blog of Kevin Davie, which documents his 4000 km long mountain bike ride across South Africa. Kevin will leave from Beit Bridge at the border with Zimbabwe on 1 April 2011 and arrive, all going well, at Cape Point around 1 May.

‘Ganna’ is the ancient San word for the eland, the largest of South Africa’s antelopes, and Kevin’s journey will pay tribute to the wildlife, the landscape, the people and the history of South Africa. Come along to experience some of this once in a lifetime experience.


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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Well done on Ganna Ride. I followed through Twitter and read your posts. What a wonderful trip it must have been 😉

    You work for M&G? Why I ask is that I really battle with good newspaper contacts. I have a couple of hats but in this context it would be about FEAT. Not sure whether you know of it yet…?

    In short, FEAT is an evening of time-limited talks by SA adventurers. Slide-show based presentations. Seven minutes each. First event was October last year; second event was CT in Feb. All talks are online on the FEAT website for people to watch and enjoy. Next event is in October in Jo’burg. Gonna be divine!

    I’m also introducing two new elements: FEAT Awards – recently announced – where I will award R10,000 to an applicant to help to make an adventure happen (of interest, how much did your ride cost? Certainly under R10,000?); and FEAT Film Festival – not yet officially announced).

    I also try to track who is doing what on the adventure scene and I post this content on the FEAT website. Also Twitter and FB etc. http://www.featsa.co.za/tag/kevin-davie/

    So… if you’re the right person, can I send releases about FEAT and related to you? One of my big objectives around FEAT is to get more adventure sport content into mainstream media; and M&G would be fabulous – whether online or print.

    best wishes,

    082 936 2509

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