The ganna has arrived!

The ganna has arrived in Cape Point, and I’m lost for words. What a moment!

Kevin arrived at the bottom of the climb up to the lighthouse, and just rode past us, up the hill, with not a glance at us – his focus was on the steep hill ahead of him.

Soon the gradient was too steep to ride, but in a swift movement he was off the bike, and pushing. I ran to catch up, but couldn’t keep up. When he got to the stairs, the bike was swung up on to his shoulder – the pace didn’t falter. He moved between the crowd swiftly.

When I got up he was sitting down below the wall under the lighthouse, out of the wind, typing in his final tweet: Day 30, 68km, 6.5 hrs, 3 520km. I am the ganna.

Indeed he is.


About Almost there!

Scared, very scared, at the approach of 60.
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2 Responses to The ganna has arrived!

  1. Jaco Strydom says:

    Well Done my Ganna Friend!

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