3 000km & Ceres on the horizon

Kevin is heading for Ceres, the largest deciduous fruit growing area in the Western Cape. Cape Town is tantalisingly close – 150km or a 90-minute drive, but for Kevin it’s around 300km to make it to his final destination – Cape Point. He is coming in to Cape Town from the north, to avoid the traffic, freeways and the city’s sprawl.

Today he passed the 3 000km mark, with a hard 100km slog up a gradual incline yesterday. Despite the headwind, he managed 85km today. He says: “I fought the wind all the way, at times going downhill but feeling like I wasn’t moving.” He estimates he’s about 80km from Ceres, so should reach it tomorrow, day 27.

The cold front has settled in to the Western Cape, with temps tomorrow ranging from 5C to 11C. Tonight he is sleeping at a deserted farmhouse, with the farmworkers for company.

Just to remind you of where he’s come from and what he’s still got to do (the route has changed in places):


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Scared, very scared, at the approach of 60.
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  1. MoVan says:

    Min dae! Vasbyt! 🙂

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