Blood river

Kevin passed near to Blood River today. The history of the battle is well known, commemorated for years as the Day of the Vow, giving Boers a Godly provenance. The day is commemorated today as the Day of Reconciliation.

Leading the Boers was Andries Pretorius; leading the Zulus was General Ndlela; the day was 16 December 1838. After the Zulus were deciminated by the Boers, King Dingaan had Ndlela strangled – the charge: high treason. The Boers helped Mpande take the throne after Dingaan was overthrown in 1840.

In 1971 a laager of 64 impressive ox wagons, cast in bronze, was erected. Across the river the Ncome Museum and Monument commemorates the Zulus who fell in the battle.


About Almost there!

Scared, very scared, at the approach of 60.
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